Small-Medium Enterprise

Cloud has reformed the way Data and business systems are being utilized. The cloud services can decrease costs, provide better information security, and expanded cooperation in the working environment. MTS can work with you so that you can work on your business objectives with the most recent innovation.

Many of our clients have chosen us because we have provided real opportunities to maximise the use of their servers and networks, not only saving them money but improving efficiency.
We are committed to design and build an effective network infrastructure for your short- and long-term requirements.
For existing networks, we can review and provide quality solutions for repair or upgrades to ensure you gain greater utilisation of existing infrastructure.

Keeping up with your software and hardware needs can be hard work. The need for a new computer, printer or server upgrade. MTS provides a full service and offer competitive pricing.

We make informed Hardware and/or Software recommendations, and we have worked with many industry standards in the medical, accounting and other business practices.

We are here to troubleshoot and provide Help Desk Support in a reliable, dependable and same day response.

Virus, Worms and Trojans can be detrimental to your operations and need constant attention.

A common misconception is that subscribing and loading anti-virus software on individual computers will be adequate. This is certainly not the case as you become reliant on individual staff to update their own computers which can lead to slack and possible errors.

MyTechSupport can carry out a computer health checks to ascertain any current infections and recommend the best level and type of protection for your computer network.

Urgent Removal: MyTechSupport can provide speedy action to remove infections from your networks.

MTS can carry out a brief assessment of your business needs and systems to make recommendations which are both operationally and cost effective.
We will install and provide continued service and maintenance of your Server.
We can present options and competitive pricing for all your server needs.

Microsoft/ Windows Technical Support
We can assist in all areas from LAN set-up to Desktop Printer installation and everything in between.
MTS is also equipped to organise all your Microsoft 365 Migration and set-up needs.

Apple Technical Support
We understand how crucial providing Apple IT consulting is,  and are able to work with you to set-up and maintain the system you require. We are also able to provide an integrated Apple and Windows operation for your business.

My Tech Support has worked within the SME environment for over 15 years.  We have gained both expertise and streamlined approaches for the requirements which allows us to provide effective and efficient response times to your IT needs. We offer a full suite of IT Services:

  • Industry software application setup
  • Computer networking, upgrades & repairs
  • Data Backup and Security
  • Private Virtual Cloud Servers & Hosting
  • Network security (via Router/Firewall)
  • Antivirus Solutions incl. Detection/Removal
  • Disaster Recovery solutions, backup & archiving.
  • On-call troubleshooting,
  • Hardware setup & custom software purchasing assistance and installation
  • Windows System Software Updates, Rollouts & Upgrades
  • Citrix and Remote Access infrastructure setup
  • Fibre, NBN and 4G setup
  • Wireless & Wired LAN Setup
  • Competitive Web Hosting
  • Training
  • VoIP
Cloud & Networking Request 89%
Hardware & Software Set Up Request 93%
Disaster Recovery & Virus Request 93%
Network Systems Request 91%