About My Tech Support

At MyTechSupport we understand that you need your technology to work for your business to succeed. So when you have us covering your IT, you can get on with running your business. MTS are industry accredited and with over 15 years’ experience. 

We understand the value of efficient computer systems to your business and that is why we provide onsite, offsite and telephone-based assistance. With a fast same day response time you know your request is cared for promptly.

Success at MTS

Managing Director 

Eddie Vanza (B.Eng, Adv Dip IT, MBA-IS, MACS)

Eddie and his team at MTS are industry professionals and completely conversant with the latest technologies available.

  • We are professional– with a track record over 15 years experience in working with SME’s and Medical Professionals, we remain committed to our customers and their success.

  • On-going relationships – A personable approach with time spent getting to know our customers and their IT needs allows us to respond quickly when required.

  • Reliable – fast response times of 24 hours or less. We understand the importance of dependable and consistent support.

  • Develop your business – We work with you to ensure your business stays up to date with IT.

  • Proactive approach– We keep up to date with ever changing technology so to assist with forward planning of your business IT needs.

  • Affordable & competitive pricing – We offer both incident based and monthly service agreements. Feel free to discuss with us what best would suit your needs.

Service requests at MTS

Hardware & Software 94%
Cloud & Networking 99%
Back up & Support 100%
Business Set-Up 87%